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Union New Floor Deck W-1000

Galvanized coated profiled structural steel plate, as a formwork and positive one way slab on the concrete floor.  Additional embossements at the top and bottom and protrude shape, add the concrete shear strength of the floor deck.

Basic Material : High - Tensile Steel
Minimum Yield Strength 5500 kg/cm2
Layers of Protection : Zinc-Aluminum
Prepainted Zinc-Aluminum 150  gr/m2
Layers Width : 220 - 275 gr/m2
Material Weight : 6,66 kg/m2  for thickness 0,70 mm BMT
9,39 kg/m2  for thickness 1,00 mm BMT
Corrugated Height : 50 mm
Effective Width : 1050 mm
Material Standard : JIS G 3302 SGC 570, ASTM A 653, SNI 07-2053-2006