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Union Clip Panel
Premium metal roof with binding system hidden under the profile (boltless), thus providing maximum benefit against leakage and maintenance free.
Union New Clip Panel
A development of Union Clip Panel® which is more economical with optimal quality.
Union Deck
Roof and cladding with symmetrical trapezoidal waveforms. The waveform shape is aesthetic, powerful, efficient and easy to install. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
Union MP Deck
Economical roofing and cladding with simple trapezoidal waves and optimum water capacity.
Union MP Deck
A development of a more economical Union MP Deck® with optimum quality. It has a higher peak of wave, with greater effective width, there for the rainwater capacity is larger.
An improved profile form of Union Deck® with more waves and greater effective width that makes it more economical.
Union S-Roof
Roof and cladding with a trapezoidal waveform, and zinc aluminum coated metal base, its advantages are lightweight, efficient and easy to install.
Union Curved Deck
Curved roof with a convex or concave shape.
Union Arc
Metal roof that can be designed in straight, concave / convex, or conical shape to meet all architectural roofing needs. This product uses a seaming system which provides more resistance to drafts and leaks.


Sertifikasi Union Metal - ISO
Sertifikasi Union Metal - Wiremesh
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